Flint River Ranch Cat Foods provide the Taurine levels needed by all Cats

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Himalayan CatFlint River Ranch Cat Foods are nutritionally complete and balanced for all stages of life. Plus Taurine levels according to AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for Feline Foods.

Flint River Ranch Chicken Meal and other meat sources do not contain poultry by-products or other by-products like chicken feet, chicken heads, duck beaks, feathers, hides, hoofs and intestines. The use of low quality products and chemical preservatives may be associated with dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, poor health and degenerative organ dysfunction.

Flint River Ranch cat food is extruded with the addition of a slight "baking" process to give it the crusty texture. Cat food is higher in price because there is more pure meat protein in cat food. There is little doubt that Feline Urological Syndrome is directly related to your cat's life style and diet. Low Ash and Magnesium are important in the prevention of F.U.S.  Flint River Ranch Cat Foods' taurine level is not less than 0.1 % - pH is below 6.4 - Magnesium is less than 0.095% - ash is less than 5.5% - all important to help prevent Feline Urological Syndrome. We feel that providing distilled or pure water in the cat's water dish is a must if you have a concern for F.U.S. for your kitty..

Your feline friends will LOVE the great taste of the Flint River Ranch Cat and Kitten Formulas. Yes, even my very finicky cat Jasmine LOVEs it!

Flint River Ranch Cat and Kitten Food
Our original cat food that even finicky cats will love!

Flint River Ranch Adult Light Cat Food
For older, less active or overweight cats

Flint River Ranch Cat and Kitten Hairball  Management Formula
The Hairball Formula cat food has the same great holistic nutrition as the adult and kitten cat food, but also contains effective hairball management ingredients.

Flint River Ranch Cat and Kitten Treats
Cat and Kitten treats contain vitamins, minerals, and Taurine for important benefits

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All Prices include shipping via UPS within the continental United States only. Sorry - no Alaska or Hawaii orders will be shipped.
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