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In Praise of Flint River Ranch Premium Pet Foods

We discovered Flint River Ranch in a desperate search to stop our dog's scratching. He was miserable and we had tried a special food from our vet but it was not doing the job and was very expensive. Then we came across Flint River Ranch on the internet and after talking with Dika at we tried the Lamb/Millet/Rice on Buddy. He has been on the product for a few months now and his scratching has stopped along with the excessive shedding. He loves the food and is now on a combination of the LMR and Trout. Buddy is a high energy dog who loves anything outdoors and a good fire on a chilly night to warm himself by.
Dawn Varno, Washington State

Hello Dika,
I have had really good results with the Flint River Ranch. Both of my cats have lost much of their fat! The most amazing thing has happened. Zoe, my almost 6 year old female used to shed all over me and now she does not seem to shed at all - I only get off a little hair when I groom her. My 13 year old male did not shed much and now he has stopped completely!
Nel Liquorman, Florida

Taking the advice of a holistic veterinarian, we began feeding the Flint River Ranch food & treats to our two dogs and cat. One of the dogs, Larry, could barely stand at times due to severe arthritis caused by an ineffective knee surgery. We gave him a few Jubilee Wafers each day, and after just a month, he was able to stand and move freely again. He continued to improve, and we no longer needed to give him pain medication (which can cause liver problems), and we no longer needed to take him to the vet every two weeks to receive shots for the arthritis. We have seen even further improvements since feeding him the Senior Plus dog food that Flint River Ranch recently formulated. Our other dog, Moe, and our cat, Curly, suffered with food allergies. We were constantly taking Moe to the vet due to his bleeding hot spots, and we were concerned about all of the antibiotics and steroid shots that he was receiving. We were also concerned about Curly, who had been losing her hair and was practically bald on one side of her body. After one month of eating the Lamb, Millet & Rice dog food & the Lamb, Barley & Rice bone treats, Moe's hot spots disappeared. Also, Curly's hair slowly grew back within about 3 months after eating the Cat & Kitten food. She now has two sides of healthy fur, & Moe no longer suffers from hot spots. Needless to say, we love this food and can't imagine feeding our pets anything else. Bob & Deena, Vista, CA

Well, first off I want to say how wonderful your dog food is.......My dog has been suffering from MAJOR hotspots for over a year. I’ve taken him to the vet, spent tons of money on meds, bought him the best dog food out there (so I thought anyways), bought every ointment I could think of, but NOTHING!! Until one day my mom found your site and insisted on trying it..."couldn’t hurt.” We have had him on your food for a few months now, his hot spots are GONE! No more chewing ! His tail looked like it had been tied in knots! His tail is looking so good! He loves your food! He's able to be happy and not suffer any longer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We won't be using anything else!!! Jennifer and Scooby ( 3 year old German Shepard) ( Dixon, Ca)

I specialize in treating the so called "chronic incurable diseases" of Western medicine and many of my patients are considered to be dying when they come to me. One of the first changes in their life style is to have all of my patients eating a wholesome, human quality food. In order for a patient to be cured of these "incurable" diseases they must become healthy. Without a good wholesome diet the rest of the therapy can not be successful. I can not recommend any other food other than the Flint River Ranch food. Walt McCall, DVM, Campbell, CA

I have now raised three ... puppies to the age of six months with nicely controlled growth rates, beautiful coat and condition, and to this point, excellent overall health and soundness. I cannot claim this for the "premium puppy foods" I have used in the past. ...I feel very fortunate to have such an excellent line of pet foods as Flint River Ranch available for myself and my clients, as I firmly believe it is the first and most important part of a preventative or restorative health program. Debra J. Mack, DVM, Boise, ID

As you know, I have been retailing FRR in my clinic for several months now. I have had only positive results. The food is so palatable, I have yet to have any pet refuse to eat it. The clients are seeing noticeable improvement in their pets' skin, haircoat and general level of vitality. I have a three-year old Westie that suffers from atopy and allergies in general. Her owner commented just today that she has never seen Maddie's hair look so good! I agree! Another patient was in the clinic almost every other month with chronic yeast or staph. When I saw him last week, his ears were clean and healthy. The owner reports no changes other than feeding Flint River! I also have a couple of FUS cats now on FRR instead of Feline C/D. So far so good! Only a couple of years ago I was one of the top retailers of Hills Science Diet in the metro Atlanta area. I felt comfortable feeding and recommending these products to my clients. Now, however, I am seeing the results of feeding a high quality ALL NATURAL food. Those artificial ingredients and preservatives truly do (directly or indirectly) cause a host of problems. I'll never again recommend any food that is not totally natural. Dr. Junia Childs, DVM, Atlanta, GA

"First, we want you to know that Sunshine has done wonderfully on the FRR cat food. Like one of your testimonial cats, once we gave it to her, mixed in with her regular food, she picked out the FRR food and left the other food in the dish. In fact, she likes it so much that we have to give it to her in small amounts, because she’ll usually eat every morsel put in front of her. As long as we don’t give her too much at a time, she no longer throws up her food. She used to throw up at least 1-2 times per week before. And she has always been very picky about food, so we’re delighted all the way around – and so is Sunshine. She seems to have more energy and I think she’s losing weight, too. We’ll see next time she goes to the vet.

Thanks for the thoughtful articles on things to consider before buying a cat or dog. People often don’t realize that pets are members of the family and need love and attention just like children. We’ve had 4 miniature dachshunds and 5 cats over the years. They’ve been wonderful members of our family.Thanks again, for your care about pets. You’re doing a great service – for people and their pets.
Jim & Carol"

"I ordered for the first time a 3lb. bag of the Flint River Dry water for my dog " Moe",
I must say,,, I am shocked and impressed. Moe will not usually eat anything that hasn't come out of my oven. He has extreme food allergies and we have narrowed him down through blood tests that he can only eat chicken and turkey.

He can tolerate the ingredients in your food and he WILL eat it,, He loves it.

I look forward to hearing from you and would like to re-order,


“I would like to add I'm very happy with the results of feeding my guy the Lamb, Millet, Rice Dog Food. He transitioned to the new food with no problems and is regaining the weight he lost on the "Vet prescribed food". I'm really thankful I found Flint River. I could not put him back on the common store bought dog food, something in it was making him violently ill, and he was eating over 4 cups a day of the other food from the vet and went from 49 lbs to 44 lbs in a month....not good for any dog and not for a 1year old Standard Poodle that is still growing. But he is doing just fine now, energy level is back up, and eyes are bright! I think the Lamb, Millet, Rice Dog Food is just what he needed. "

Georgann (Phoenix, AZ)

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