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Hiking the Eastern Sierra Nevada with Man's Best Friend All Our Pets magazine features articles on Travel with Pets.

7 Golden Retriever Puppies

There are unlimited hiking opportunities for you and your canine best friend on the stunningly beautiful slopes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Much of this range in central California is located within National Forests, which allow dogs, and usually off-lead if under your voice control. I have been hiking there every summer with Genevieve ever since she was a puppy. Each year we revisit the known hikes and add one or more new ones to our repertory. We'll describe five of our all time favorites here. All of these hikes include access to one or more mountain lakes and/or have proximity to a stream. Select any of the graphic or text links to continue your exploration of Sierra Nevada hikes with a Golden Retriever.

Mt. Whitney

Mount Whitney (view from road just above campsite in Whitney Portal Campground).

Skelton Lake on way to Duck Pass

Duck Pass (looking down over Skelton Lake on the return from Duck Pass hike).

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake. (Overlooking Lake George and Crystal Crag on hike to Crystal Lake)

Rock Creek

Rock Creek. (Afternoon clouds over Marsh Lake on Rock Creek hike).

Saddelbag Lake

Saddlebag Lake Loop. (Shamrock Lake)


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